For sale at auction with us. we charge the seller only 10%, from the sale price!

We are expecting you !


As a service-oriented company, we are your ideal contact for the sale of your collection or antique objects or coins.

The form of sale we recommend is a consignment-based delivery. Here, the revenue for the seller results from the sales price actually achieved on the market - the sale is thus also transparent for customers without numismatic knowledge.

Our affordable service fees guarantee the highest possible revenue for our suppliers. Fast sales processing is also an integral part of our service concept.

If you would like to sell antique objects or coins, please contact us using the contact form provided. Meaningful pictures help us to get a realistic impression.

We are happy to provide you with a personal or telephone consultation. We look forward to your posting!


Important questions and answers:

1. Can I sell my antique items or coins through Balkan Imperium Art?
You are welcome to sell your antique items or coins with us. We make an appointment and then examine and evaluate your antique objects or coins individually. We also advise you on an optimal sales strategy so that sales are designed according to your needs.

2. How long does it take to sell at Balkan Imperium Art ?

Our hobbyhorse is speed. Whether a single special antique item or coins or larger lots, we always handle the sale in a very short time thanks to flexible models.

3. How do you ensure that my goods are sold well?

On the one hand, we take high-quality photos, which also enable detailed viewing. This enables the buyer to get an exact picture of your goods and strengthen the trust of our customers. A professional description and low estimates also increase interest.

4. What documents do you need to consign successfully?

In order to be able to consign, we need a copy of your passport and some information about the provenience of the coins. Coins from unknown origin, robbery excavations or with suspicious patina are strictly rejected by us.