Do you have antiques for sale or do you want to dissolve an art or coin collection? BALKAN IMPERIUM ATR is always interested in buying antiques. It doesn't matter whether you sell a large collection or if you sell us a one-off, If you would like to offer a Roman coin for purchase, simply contact us at this link for the purchase of antiques or send us an email. We are particularly interested in buying Roman, Greek and Egyptian antiques, but interesting Neolithic pieces are also welcome. The spectrum is as broad as our range of products itself and ranges from Roman intaglias and rings to ceramics, bronzes and other sculptures, to mosaics, aurei, denarii and other old coins to other antiques from prehistory and early history to towards the beginning of the Middle Ages. We would also be happy to support you, without obligation, in the inspection and classification of collections that have come into your possession through inheritance, and may submit an offer for a purchase.



In the first step, we ask that you send us meaningful photos and that you have information about the objects and their origin. If a purchase is in principle for us, we will clarify further details and submit an offer if necessary. If our asking prices match, we would be happy to accept the objects at our location in Schleswig through a parcel shipping company, a forwarding agency or through you personally. After a final check and payment, the purchase is complete and the objects are returned to the cycle and soon again into the care of a well-managed collection.



Please send photos and information of the objects to be sold directly to Mr. Yatsov Petko at the email address: info@balkanimperiumart.de. Also for an assessment in advance, please contact us by phone or informally and without photos by email or CONTACT.