Important information !

1. According to the law, we are obliged to archaeological cultural property that is more than 100 years old and whose value exceeds € 0 and other cultural property, such as coins whose value exceeds € 2,500.00, the name and address of the Of the purchaser (Section 42 (1) 1 KGSG), to record this, also in electronic form (Section 45 (1) KGSG) and to keep these documents for 30 years (Section 45 (2) KGSG). We are obliged to submit these records to the responsible authorities or, if necessary, to an acquirer upon request (§§ 46, 48 KGSG). With our assignment, you agree to this and release us from confidentiality and data protection obligations and waive the right to erasure.

2. We would like to point out that according to the background paper "Coin Collector, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM), July 2016", a complete provenance of coins and other cultural goods is not required by the new cultural property law. Coins are particularly valid if they are available in large numbers, have no relevant knowledge for archeology and are not protected by an EU member state as individual objects that can be customized, as no archaeological goods. According to a decision by the Federal Fiscal Court, only coins that are not mass-produced can be of archaeological interest. As an archaeological mass product, coins are generally not subject to the provisions of the Cultural Property Protection Act (Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Art, Urff Ministerial Council, BSZ, July 15, 2016). In fulfilling our obligations, we assume these own assessments by the legislature and the competent supreme Schleswig-Holstein state authority.

3.a. As part of our duty of care (§§ 41, 42 KGSG), we recover, where appropriate, legally binding declarations from our consignors on the provenance, origin, legality and authenticity of the documents of the respective goods and check them within the reasonable effort, especially the economic reasonableness. We cannot assume any further guarantees, liabilities and responsibilities, in particular in the case of requests for return from foreign countries or administrative or judicial measures.

However, as part of our due diligence, we insure the goods against the publicly accessible directories and databases (art loss register, interpol file of stolen works of art and ICOM red lists, internet portal of the BKM according to § 4 KGSG) and cross-checked by us , as a rule, to have verified academic, archaeological, staff.

3.b. In the case of buyers, we assume that they will have the import license issued in their home country and the export license from the Federal Republic of Germany under their own responsibility. With the export license from the Federal Republic of Germany, including compliance with customs regulations, we offer to help on behalf of and at the expense of the purchaser, without assuming any liability, warranties or responsibilities beyond the statutory provisions.